Of Wraps and Wifi


We have had a busy day and that’s not a complaint.  We’re offering wraps, both cold and toasted – you choose the flavours…  We are also happy that our wifi is now available!  We have set up a Raha hotspot.  In fact, what’s pretty special is that we’re the only cafe offering wifi here at The Slipway, so welcome to our shop, peruse our selection of light lunches, snacks, cupcakes, juices – of ilk both healthy and indulgent, and have a sit… have a read, and enjoy the quietness of our space.  Karibuni wote.


20150604_154304 20150604_154834 20150604_184123_Richtone(HDR)

Not to mention our chocolate cupcakes.. Cocoa from Mbeya inside, cocoa nibs and chocolate sprinkled.  No, really.  Chocolate is an antioxidant… and we’ve put the good stuff on top!


Good food goes glam!


Or: Celebrating the Relaunch of Sweet Rebel Home Bakes & Kijani Organics

What a wonderful time we had this past friday with friends, family, loyal and new customers not to mention some of our suppliers.  We took our time, lived in the space, filled every nook and cranny with love and unleashed (officially) it to the Dar es Salaam foodie public.

DSC02492 4

Bacon, onion & Cheese Mini Quiche

DSC02502 5

Tapenade, Croutons, Crudités & Tzatziki (from bottom)

Smoked Sailfish & Horseradish creamcheese on Cucumber rounds

Smoked Sailfish & Horseradish creamcheese on Cucumber rounds

The Red'n'White Display.

The Red’n’White Display.

DSC02527 8

Co-Director, Sauda Simba giving the thank you talk.

DSC02561 19

Sarah Scott and Anna Kahama-Rupia

Sarah Scott and Anna Kahama-Rupia

Noel Mzese, Ambrose

Noel Mzese, Ambrose “Dunga” Akula Akwabi, Hans Dietermeyer (facing door)

DSC02571 23

DSC02579 24

The Menu:

White & brown home baked Crostini.

-Basil & Cashew pesto,

-Tapenade with tangy dried tomatoes,

-Tzatziki with Shaved Roast Beef

Crudités and Tzatziki

Sweet Rebel Herb and Garlic croutons/crackers

Mini Quiche:

-Bacon, onion & cheese

-Beef bacon onion & cheese

-Zucchini, feta & coriander

-Butternut squash & toasted cumin

Please give us a call if you’re interested in our catering services. 0713524772

Our night was sponsored by Red’n’White.  Thanks Mady and the team for all your support, love flowed from your bottles of Red and White Spier for the duration. Asante Sana!

We’ll post some pics of our Kijani Organics selection.  It’s important to us that we provide our customers with the best quality natural and organic Tanzanian products possible.  Drop by to see what we have this week!

We’d also like to thanks @marcwergeif from whom we stole “good food goes glam”  nice one!

Champagne & Cheesecake


Now, here’s an event and a half, I’ve been in the bakery for 2 days now preparing for a special event my Rotary club is holding tomorrow night as part of our membership activities.  Now, we’re open people, and we’re hoping to attract some talented and motivated and driven people to our club with Champagne and Cheesecake..  Ahem.. Yes, I said Champagne & Cheesecake.


Who said you couldn’t combine community work with a little class, and motivating our group, well, I am privileged to be a part of such an ambitious, hard working and inspirational people, all committed to helping build our community (www.rotarydar.org)


Pictures tomorrow..

Freshly Baked goods still available at the Slipway!


Thanks everyone for braving the horrendous rains (and Roads!!) these past few weeks on your quest to get freshly baked bread..  We’re still at it at The Slipway, bottom of the stairs…  fresh bread daily, ciabatta, rye, whole wheat, grissini too!  and don’t forget the sweet stuff.. tarts, cookies, muffins.  10-5 Mon-Sat

Again, thanks.. 20140521_135503 20140521_135425 20140521_135415 20140521_135432

April Frills


Exciting stuff for us these days!  We survived April Fools Day, but not until the incredibly long but wonderfully rewarding day we had at the Oyster Bay Farmers Market on the 29th of March.  That evening we set up shop at Nafasi Artspace  during a great event they had to kick off the season, we were only sorry to have missed the parade from Mwenge to Nafasi!

20140402_134131Today we tried our hand at Focaccia.. and to our delight it was a success!  do let us know if you’d like to have this available at Bio Shop or anywhere else, we promise it will be on offer at next month’s farmer’s market, along with Silvana’s wonderful apple pie, and mango passionfruit tart.

The unctuous crunch and the rosemary and onion topping were to die for.  yum.


ALSO! We’ve been very happy to be providing hotdog and hamburger buns as well as grissini to The Butcher Shop in Dar (Corner of Kahama Road and Chole Road, Masaki).  They’ll be available from about 11am but get there early and they close at 3pm on Saturdays.  If you’d like to see any of our other products there, please do let John or Dion know, we would be happy to arrange it.



Sweet Rebellion planned for the Oyster Bay Farmers Market – 29 March


The Farmers Market at Oyster Bay Shopping Centre is on this Saturday, 29th March from 10am to 4pm we’ll be in house with mini quiche, cupcakes, Mango or Rhubarb Cinnamon Crunch Muffins and of course…. cookies – Chocolate Chip, Espresso Shortbread and Lavender Shortbread! not to mention some our wholesome freshly baked breads! Looking forward to seeing you there!
Farmers_March 29th
And to recognize my Sweet Rebel inspiration.. here are my daughters at the January Farmers Market 🙂
Sweet Rebels at work

Off with a bang! White Cob Loaves and a Mango Passion Tart for 20!


Exciting times for us at Sweet Rebel Home Bakes!  I am having an amazing week with the ladies here at the bakery, learning their bread baking tips and tricks, teaching them a few of my own (Thanks Rahul for the NYATI Flour!!) and turning out the largest New York Cheesecake I have ever yet managed. 

I’m sharing photos of the goods and the wonderful ladies on our SRHB Team.  

We’ve also introduced a lovely White Cob loaf now on sale at The Bio Shop at The Slipway, open from 10 to 6pm every day, but till 4pm on Saturdays.  

ImageImageImageFresh Fresh Fresh! 






Double whammy weekend – great cuisine & culture events in Dar es Salaam


Yes this weekend we ae spoilt for choice, for sure, but the great thing, is that the Farmers Market at Oyster Bay Shopping Centre goes from 10am to 4pm, and ChapChap Print at Nafasi Artspace starts at 4:30 pm – LOADS of time to get there! 

Sweet Rebel will be at both events, crazy I know, but we are committed to bringing you fresh and high quality sweet and savoury goods 🙂  After a super busy holiday season and a crazy January so far, we are definitely looking forward to hooking up with you again.  See you saturday in support of artisanal food suppliers and organic foods from all over Tanzania. 

Nafasi’s Chap Chap will be a great concoction of experiential print workshop followed as always with some great music to kick your heels to!
Farmers Market 25 January 14